The world is mobilizing for the Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban doctors

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Support is growing worldwide for the proposal to award the Nobel Peace Prize to brigades of Cuban doctors from the Henry Reeve Continent, for their assistance to other countries in combating the Covid-19.

The Cuban Solidarity Campaign (CSC) in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland joined this Friday the international petition to grant the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban doctors who are facing the Covid-19 in the world.

In this regard, the Secretary General of the organization, Bernard Regan, said in a statement that “it is inspiring to see Cuba’s wonderful response to the pandemic at both the national and international levels. The Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded, without a doubt, to the Cuban internationalist medical brigades”, Prensa Latina publishes.

In the opinion of the British activist and trade unionist, such a distinction would be a fair and timely way to recognize the courageous work currently being done by more than two thousand Cuban health professionals in 24 countries.

The text released by the CSC also states that this altruism is part of the humanitarian record that has characterized the Caribbean island since the triumph of the 1959 Revolution.

Over the past 56 years, 400,000 Cuban health workers have fought against natural disasters and disease, and helped build health services in 164 nations, it said.

The CSC also recalled that Cuba contributes to improving health in other countries, despite being subject to a unilateral blockade imposed by the United States for 58 years, which causes daily shortages of food, fuel and other basic products.

The growing campaign in favor of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban medical brigades started last April in France, and is now joined by volunteers in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Cuba, Hungary, Switzerland, Honduras and Tunisia, among other countries.

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