The death of Eusebio Leal brought multiple expressions of affection and condolence

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The death of Dr. Eusebio Leal has provoked multiple expressions of affection and conodolence in Cuba and in many parts of the world.

Among the first to make a public statement was President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, who, from his twitter account, noted, among other moving sentences: “The Cuban who saved Havana at Fidel’s behest has gone away from us and took it so passionately that his name is no longer his own, but synonymous with the City?

The Cuban Minister of Culture, Alpidio Alonso Grau, also reminded the aforementioned social network that Leal “with his departure makes us the trustees of an exemplary heritage”.

“The loss that the death of Eusebio Leal means for Cuban culture is immeasurable; he was an irreducible warrior of beauty, a true founder, a master. To defend and continue his work is to honor him,” the minister said.

Particularly moving were the reflections of academic and historian Dr. Eduardo Torres Cuevas, published in various digital sites such as Granma and Cubadebate, under the title “Eusebio Leal Splengler: one of the most real and useful Cubans of our times.

Torres Cuevas, director of the Martiano Program Office, said “that on few occasions have I felt as sad as I do today. In spite of this, it is a privilege to always talk about Eusebio. It is difficult, because the scope, variety, richness, originality, daring, rigor and greatness of Eusebio is such that I cannot help but confess that these words are no more than a very limited approximation of who is one of the greatest Cubans of all time. In a few people like Eusebio Leal Spengler I have found the harmonious way in which so many different components of knowing, feeling, loving and thinking about Cuba are articulated.

After a broad and moving evocation of Leal’s career for the good of Havana and his entire country, Torres Cuevas concludes:

“As I walk the streets of our Havana, as well as those of many other Cuban cities, I will continue to feel Eusebio’s presence and listen to his firm and charming voice. You do not leave, you stay, in the souls of those we love, create and believe in those ethical values that you also helped to sow”.

Also the winner of the National Prize of Plastic Arts 2019 and president of the Association of Plastic Artists of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, Lesbia Vent Dumois underlined in statements to the Cuban News Agency (ACN) the trail of examples left by Leal as he passed through life.

The painter invited to evoke Eusebio as a man, as a citizen, for his fidelity to this country, as a patriot we must remember him, she sentenced and later highlighted the closeness that the Historian always maintained with art and artists.

Another National Plastic Arts Award (2008), José Villa Soberón, also referred to the ACN his admiration for Leal: He was an exceptional person, the great pillar of Cuban culture of the last 50 years. Not only was he a man of great culture, great sensitivity and fascinating and monumental ideas, but he had the capacity to commit himself to ideas and to realize them. I think that is a very special gift of his, that commitment to carry out what he dreamed of, the artist pointed out.

From her Facebook account, the 14-time world record holder for deep-sea apnea, Deborah Andollo, recognized as the Best Diver in the World, made known her grief at the death of the Havana Historian.

Dear Eusebio: Havana is much more beautiful today thanks to you. Take with you the love and gratitude of an entire people, wrote the award-winning sportswoman and then added: “Infinite gratitude to you and the immensity of your work. May you rest in peace.

Condolences arrived in Cuba from Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Italy, Dominican Republic, UNESCO, Colombia, Panama, etc.

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