Suchel Camacho stabilizes production for the Cuban market

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Havana, Cuba. – The mixed company Suchel Camacho S.A. has adapted to the times of coronavirus and thanks to a recent financing granted they stabilized the production line of the shampoo, whose delivery to the chains of stores in foreign currency and to the Ministry of Internal Commerce (MINCIN), will be increased as from October.

Mercedes Priede González, Head of the Department of Communication and Marketing of the mentioned entity explained to Cubadebate that currently the brand “Daily” is produced for MINCIN; while “S&C Natural”, has as its objective the sale to Cadena Caribe, Corporación Cimex and La Empresa Comercial Caracol S.A.

Daily” toilet soap (100 grams), the company’s leading product, has had an unprecedented increase this year. From 17.9 million units (MMU) made in 2019, 41.3 MMU had been made by the end of August, out of a total to be delivered in 2020 of more than 77 million “pills”, which also replace expensive imports.

It transcended in the same way that workers have sought options to ensure the production of dental gel: “we have taken advantage of different formats of bottles, understand 10, 15 and 20 milliliters to not stop and ensure delivery to different agencies prioritized,” said the source.

At the moment Suchel Camacho S.A. does not produce toothpaste, but dental gel, which is easier to distribute, has better properties in its formulation and from the new formats incorporated, speeds up the manufacturing process, according to the specialist.

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