Solidarity friend in Grenada supports Nobel for Cuban doctors

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Havana, June 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s supportive friend in Grenada, Carlton Briggs, today endorsed the Nobel Peace Prize proposal for the Henry Reeve brigade of the largest of the Antilles, which specializes in natural disasters and epidemics.

A member of the Grenada-Cuba Friendship Association, Briggs highlighted in a dialogue with Prensa Latina via Internet the humanist value of Cuban cooperation and the vocation to share with the most needy peoples and countries.

In his words, the activist described as honorable and altruistic the performance of Cuban doctors in Granada and other parts of the world in the assistance and treatment of patients with the new coronavirus, SAR-CoV-2, which caused Covid-19.

Briggs expressed that the only purpose of Cuban aid is to save lives and ratified his support for the initiative to promote the Henry Reeve contingent to the Nobel Peace Prize, as recognition and gratitude for the efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the exchange, he also called the United States blockade of Cuba criminal, since in his opinion it violates the right of every state to build a free and independent society.

During the exchange, he also called the US blockade of Cuba criminal, because in his opinion it violates the right of every state to build a free and independent society.

On two occasions (1981 and 1983-1989) Briggs visited the largest of the Antilles and in his memory he keeps the memories of six years as a student, the delicious food, the music and the friendship of a people who gave him solidarity without asking anything in return.

Today, a group of 37 Cuban health professionals offer well-being and quality of life to the people of Granada from the front line of the confrontation in front of Covid-19 at St. George’s General Hospital.

In the midst of the joint struggle against the pandemic, Grenadian authorities and members of solidarity such as Carlton Briggs, Dhana Lazarus and Brian Lindsay-Campbell recognized the value of the internationalism of Cuba’s health professionals and the defense of the principles of cooperation and social justice.

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