Salsa and its Festival in Havana

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Salsa continues to be the preference of many dancers and scholars of the genre all over the world, hence it has more and more life and space for analysis and enjoyment. There will always be events, festivals, colloquiums with the presence of important personalities dedicated to the subject.

The closing ceremony of the fifth International Salsa Festival, held in Havana, was attended by Puerto Rican singer Victor Manuelle, who acknowledged the influence of Cuban musicians on artists dedicated to this genre, according to Prensa Latina.

Representatives from several countries sang and danced from Feb. 25 until the early hours of the morning with Cuban bands and the Puerto Rican salsero who sang several of his hits.

Victor Manuelle, with his characteristic skill, performed songs by Cuban authors that he has incorporated into his repertoire, such as El águila (The Eagle) by Manolito Simonet, and La vida es un carnaval (Life is a Carnival) by Celia Cruz, which closed the two-hour concert.

During the festival, Cuban and Puerto Rican flags waved, to the delight of the Puerto Rican singer, who said that both countries carry salsa in their hearts and he confessed to have listened to music from this island since he was a child.

The vocalist recalled with satisfaction the concept approached by the Puerto Rican poet, journalist and revolutionary Lola Rodriguez de Tió: “Cuba and Puerto Rico are of a bird, both wings.

(With information from PL)

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