Radio Grito de Baire in line with Covid-19 prevention

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Radio Grito de Baire’s staff follow strictly the measure plan devised by the local government as indicated by the national health authorities, to prevent spreading the coronavirus Covid-19. Every worker at this radio station washes his/her hands with fresh water, soap and later with a solution of hypochloride, to avoid possible contagion.

Along wide the whole municipality of Contramaestre, all the workshops have set the so-called podalic bathe. Shops, state and private service centers, schools, institutions in general are making their contribution to take care of everyone’s health. Not to do so may become a boomerang in case of coming across somebody infected with the coronavirus.

The Cuban people in general have show capacity and discipline, as well as solidarity. The Cuban government have received support from all over the island after deciding to help the passengers of the British cruiser to go back to England.

The cruiser was allowed to dock in Havana harbor, and today the first flight to Great Britain took place. In the afternoon four other plane will take off to London.

Passengers of the British cruiser expressed their gratitude to the Cuban people and government by holding a sigh saying: “I love you Cuba”.

Written by Jorge Lora

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