Professional upgrading will keep pace with the new coronavirus

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Santa Clara, May 28 (ACN) Graduate education at the Universidad Central Marta Abreu de Las Villas (UCLV) is also preparing for the resumption of the 2019-2020 school year, once the circumstances imposed in the country by the new coronavirus’ scope allow it.

The courses, training, master’s degrees and doctorates are adjusted to the same times that the Ministry of Higher Education has set for when it decides to mark the zero day, and will dedicate the first 90 days to the scientific-methodological work of the cloisters, according to Luis Antonio Barranco Olivera, first vice-rector of the Casa de Altos Estudios.

With changes in their ways of working, the improvement of the professional will be led – as a result of COVID-19 – by the semi-presence and distance education, since the movement of students, at least in this period, is minimal, added Barranco Olivera.

Some 54 doctoral defenses were to be carried out this 2020 at the UCLV, of which two had been defended before the start of the pandemic, and based on the estimates it is hoped that another 23, with the pre-defenses already approved, will be presented before the National Permanent Scientific Grade Courts, 90 days after the course resumes, concluded the vice-rector.

Some 19 doctoral programs, more than 20 master’s degrees and other training, coaching and diploma exercises that cover almost all branches of science, except for biomedical and military, are part of the center’s portfolio of services in this area, the most multidisciplinary in the Greater Antilles.

Among the specialties that are studied at the UCLV stand out the doctorates in Computer Science and Information Technology, Pedagogical Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Agricultural Sciences, all with a category of excellence and awards from the Ibero-American University Association of Postgraduate Studies (AUIP), between the years 2016 and 2019.

In 2019 alone, the University of Villaclara graduated 35 doctors of its own, another 21 from external areas and developed 1,147 postgraduate actions, several of them in Municipal University Centers and of which 400 contributed to the State Plan for the Confrontation of Climate Change: Task Life.

(Taken from ACN)

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