Patriotic atmosphere in Baire waiting for the historic date of February 24

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Santiago de Cuba, 23 Feb (ACN) With cultural activities, social works, the development of events and others that are a tradition in Baire, the residents of this town in the province of Cuba wait for February 24, to remember that on that day in 1895 patriots of the town took up arms to resume the fight against Spanish colonialism.

This Saturday, the 30th edition of the History and Computing Workshop, linked to the event, concluded and at midnight today, Sunday, the glorious date will be awaited at the Parque de la Revolución (“Park of the Revolution”) to raise the Cuban flag before the bust of José Martí, the maximum organizer of the so-called Necessary War, and to sing the national anthem.

At 5:00 a.m. on Monday morning, the Diana Mambisa (“Diana of the Mambises”) will be played in the main streets of the town, birthplace of brave soldiers and officers of the Liberating Army.

Later on, the 125th anniversary ceremony will take place at the site of the old San Bartolo cockpit, declared a National Monument, where the cry of Independence or Death was made, and the pilgrimage will continue to the cemetery to pay homage to Major General Jesús Rabí, Major Generals Saturnino Lora and Florencio Salcedo, and Colonel Juan Joaquín Urbina, who participated in this event.

Baire was the scene of one of the most important actions developed throughout the country on that day, when these last three patriots rose up with about 400 men from Jiguaní, Maffo, Los Negros, Remanganaguas, the town itself and others nearby, as Rabí joined them days later and took command of the Cuban troops in the area.

It was precisely there that the peninsulars sent their most experienced forces, which corroborated the organization, cohesion and massiveness of the action, where veterans, chiefs and officers of the previous libertarian wars attended.

The celebration of February 24th took root since 1899 when Rabbi, Lora, Salcedo, Urbina and other fighters gathered to remember the event.

Yunior Calaña Valdevila, director of the Municipal Museum of Contramaestre Casa Jesús Rabí, located in Baire, told ACN that those born in that land are proud of their history and the participation of their compatriots in this event of great connotation.

With six years in the cultural institution and almost the last three at the head of his group, the young man stressed the importance of transmitting this knowledge to the new generations, so that they are able to continue teaching and remembering in future generations.

(Taken from ACN)

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