Nobel campaign grows and expands in Greece to include Cuban doctors

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Athens, Aug 2 (Prensa Latina) More than 47 thousand members make up the Greek group for the Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban doctors, with 70 organizations including unions, associations, portals and cyberpages and the interaction of some 400 thousand followers.

In a letter addressed to all the promoters of the initiative, to which Prensa Latina had access, Velisarios Kossivakis, administrator of the Greek Team for the Nobel Prize for Cuban Doctors 2021, reported on the characteristics of the organizations and citizens of his country who are in solidarity with what he describes as a noble cause.

Among those who joined this project, which began on March 28, he highlighted those with a long history of support for Cuba, such as the Cuban-Greek Friendship and Solidarity Associations in Athens, Thessaloniki and Kalamata, as well as the José Martí Cultural Association.

He stressed that this conglomerate of organizations includes members resident in Greece from more than 75 countries.

Regarding the interest aroused by the movement in favor of the Cuban doctors who are helping in the fight against the Covid-19 in several corners of the world, he said that there is a great participation of young people represented by 1,350 students.

He indicated that 1,100 members are actors and artists in general, 95 film directors and producers, 186 musicians and singers, 89 writers and poets, 115 university teachers, 780 doctors, 910 scientists and professors and 779 independent workers.

Also, he pointed out, 314 farmers and ranchers and 101 members of volunteer groups who participated in brigades in Cuba joined the project.

Our initiative grows and gets stronger every day, its members are from all parts of Greece and from all strata of our society,’ Kossivakis stressed.

He concluded the statement with the good news that the publications and interactions of the Greek Team exceeded two million actions in two months.

After thanking everyone for their support, he urged them to continue to be always in solidarity and ended with the slogans ‘Long live Cuba! and ‘United we shall overcome!

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