Getting ready to celebrate 500 years of Havana

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The 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana to be celebrated next November is preceded by numerous works and activities as a salutation to that remarkable commemoration.

The works in execution are of a social, cultural, educational and health nature, especially the reconstruction of the National Capitol, the railway museum, historically emblematic buildings such as the Castle of Santo Domingo de Atarés, the Palace of the Count of Jaruco, the museum house of Alejandro Humbolt and the relocation of the monument dedicated to the mayor general Calixto García, fighter against Spanish colonialism in Cuba.

The tasks include the opening of new schools, hospitals and housing designed to benefit people in need of housing.

Yohana Aedo, director of investments for the city’s historical center, explained that the social works that will be carried out in this urban territory include commercial and social centers, as well as the renovation of buildings.

The festive atmosphere for the upcoming celebration is noticeable not only in Havana but in other parts of the country where the population is proud to belong to the capital of all Cubans.

Tatiana Viera, vice-president of the provincial government, highlighted the activities prior to the anniversary, which consist of cultural meetings with public participation in capital areas.

Next November 16 is commemorative of the 500 years of the old Villa de San Critóbal whose foundational symbol is the Ceiba tree near the monument of the first neoclassical civil work Templete located in the Plaza de Armas of the historical center of the city.

(Taken from RHC in Spanish)

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