Expanding markets, Cuban response to the US blockade

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Ruben Ramos, vice-president of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, stated that it is a priority for the island to expand markets, identify new niches and diversify exports in the midst of the tightening of the US blockade.

During the Panama Trade Expo, the official referred to the situation in the region, in which there is a marked intention of the U.S. government to intensify the siege.

He specified that the application of chapter three of the Helms-Burton Act not only aims to bend the largest of the Antilles by asphyxiation and economic persecution, but also to intimidate the international business community that wishes to invest in Cuban territory.

Ramos asserted that despite Washington’s aggressiveness, Cuba is a safe market for investment, since no extraterritorial measure can be applied in our country, nor against the businessmen present here.

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