Cuba reports 57 new cases of positive to Covid-19

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Dr. Francisco Duran, National Director for Epidemiology at the Cuban Health Ministry gave an update information on the behavior of the Covid-19 in Cuba. There are 726 confirmed cases, when added the new 57 sick people.

The official underscore the need for everyone to sty home and follow the new regulations and measures to stop Covid-19 from spreading all over the Island. The “vaccine” recommended is to STAY HOME!

Cuban health authorities said 57 new cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed Monday, bringing to 736 the tally of patients testing positive on the Caribbean island.

Doctor Francisco Duran, Chief of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Public Health, told the daily COVID-19 update media briefing that 2,300 people are hospitalized.

143 are under surveillance, 1,580 are suspected cases, and 582 are confirmed cases.

In the meantime, 8,600 people remain under surveillance at communities by the primary health care system.

Doctor Duran noted that of the 57 new cases, 56 were Cubans and 1 Bolivian national.

The expert pointed out that the number of cases diagnosed corresponds to the number of PCR tests performed by the island’s laboratories designated for such exams, which surpassed 2,076 PCR tests on Sunday.

Doctor Duran insisted that 63 percent of the cases that tested positive were asymptomatic, a fact that corroborates the need for social distancing and isolation, as first actions to avoid the contagion.

Three deaths were reported on Monday, bringing to 21 the fatalities caused by the novel coronavirus in Cuba.



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