Cuban Government, constantly striving for the welfare of its people

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Far from the unfair criticism and slander campaigns, the Cuban government has shown, and I say this without chauvinism, that its main course is the welfare of the Cuban people. There is not a day when information is not published where President Diaz-Canel or his vice-presidents are not involved in a work meeting or visiting territories of the country to see with their own eyes how the situation is in the different localities.

The Cuban government is facing, together with the people, the economic war that the Trump administration has imposed with the intensification of the evil blockade against Cuba. It is happily looking for alternatives in other latitudes and in our own country, alternatives for life and the development of the nation to be affected as little as possible.

Cuba continues its development plans and receives support from other nations that oppose the extraterritorial reach of the Helms-Burton Act, especially in tourism. England, Germany, Canada, Russia, Spain, among other nations, have expressed their intention to continue or initiate tourist trips to Cuba.

A recent action by the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, took place this Saturday afternoon when he headed the balance sheet of the Ministry of Finance and Prices, where important issues of the country’s economic activity were debated in depth.
From this scenario Diaz-Canel expressed the need to establish a pricing policy that puts the state and non-state sectors on an equal footing, while serving to stimulate production and export activities.

Reflecting on the many issues discussed during the working day, Diaz-Canel acknowledged that the balance shows continuity in the issues discussed, and while old problems have been discussed, it has also been shown that there are solutions to move forward.
He also called for the creation of conditions for the training of those in the management reserves in order to guarantee the continuity of the processes without being affected by the lack of personnel prepared to lead.

In other work meetings Diaz-Canel has urged the implementation of energy saving plans given the complex situation with the entry of fuel into the country, caused by the constant siege of the U.S. government to shipping companies that transport oil to our ports.
The Cuban government will continue its battle together with its people; together we will overcome all obstacles.

(With information from Presidencia de Cuba)

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