Cuban government boosts food production across the country

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Ciego de Ávila. The Provincial and Municipal Defense Councils in Ciego de Avila have among their priorities to encourage food production in the midst of the world crisis and the intensification of the US blockade.

With limited resources, the territories are increasing the sowing of short cycle crops with the effort of state farmers and peasants willing to complete the sowing of some FIFTEEN THOUSAND hectares in the spring campaign.

José Martí Credit and Service Cooperative is a reference in the sowing and harvesting of products by fulfilling the plans of the stage with the contribution of mini-industries and Local Development Projects that already generate foreign exchange to the country.

Aware of Cuba’s need to achieve food sovereignty, poultry farmers guarantee lines to several provinces and encourage the cultivation of grains that substitute imports.

Sagua La Grande. The Defense Council in Villa Clara called for the promotion of family farming and the rescue of orchards and organoponics in Sagua la Grande during a meeting held in that municipality.

Among the work projections of that town to achieve that goal, is the delivery of idle land to farmers interested in cultivating them, and the development of aquaculture in canals and water bodies.

At the meeting held by the Villa Clara Defense Council in Sagua la Grande, Yudí Rodríguez, president of that body, referred to the urgency of developing programs associated with the planting of rice and short-cycle crops, and the promotion of livestock modules.

Also, its vice-president Alberto López, expressed that the effort of what is done now will propitiate the municipal self-sufficiency, and will influence in the well-being of the sagüeros.

Bayamo. Due to the large areas of land planted with various crops in Granma today, large-scale production is expected in this region, the Defense Council said, which is leading the fight against the new Coronavirus.

It was specified that until agriculture consolidates its own workforce, it must be supported with the contribution of workers and managers from all sectors, to fulfill the decisive spring campaign in feeding the people for the rest of this year.

The Chairman of the Defense Council, Federico Hernandez, instructed the mass organizations to promote and encourage the cultivation of fresh vegetables and spices in the backyards of houses, and to link them up with the state collectives.

He also pointed out that there is no exception to the headquarters of any work centre that has space to create stonemasons, organoponics, in short, a good food production area.

(Taken from Radio Reloj)

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