Committees of the Cuban Parliament contribute to strategy before Covid-19

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Havana, June 1 (Prensa Latina) Presidents and vice presidents of the Permanent Committees of the Cuban Parliament are participating today in the analysis to design the strategy of recovery and confrontation to the world economic crisis by the Covid-19.

According to a report presented to the legislative body’s management, headed by its president, Esteban Lazo, the commissions are linked to the Central State Administration bodies in exchanges on issues such as the adjustment of the Economy Plan.

They also work together on the premises for planning the 2021 budget and the Economic and Social Development Plan until 2030, for which they presented proposals that should contribute to the effectiveness of its implementation.

Lazo insisted on the importance of complementing, from the Assembly’s structures, the actions carried out on the island, with an innovative approach and the realism demanded by the complexity of the country’s situation.

According to a review published on the Parliament’s website, there is agreement on maintaining some of the experiences of recent months and improving the work in the communities, together with the delegates and the People’s Councils.

It was also explained that each working committee redesigns the actions for the second half of the year and complies with the agreements of the last session of the National Assembly.

The conditions that the Caribbean nation is going through require adjustments to the legislative schedule, they reported at the meeting, where they also highlighted the expressions of support from legislators from several countries against the U.S. blockade.

They also highlighted the demonstrations of international recognition to the solidarity work of the Cuban medical brigades in the confrontation with Covid-19.

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