Business Group of the Food Industry presents development program until 2030

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Havana, 26 Feb (ACN) Jesús Rodríguez Mendoza, general director of the Food Industry Business Group, presented the development program of this ministry until 2030, during the workshop More production in the food industry with the application of science, which ends today at the Cojímar Convention Center.

This program has several antecedents, as it derives initially from a process that began in 2012, related to the breeding of farmed shrimp that allowed a gradual increase in its production.

In 2015, the Ministry focused on restoring the production capacities of the dairy and meat industries, at which time it worked together with the Ministry of Agriculture, while in the period 2016-2017 the development program was prepared and presented, and in 2018 the final project was presented, which has been kept in a process of constant updating, in order to achieve the required comprehensiveness.

The executive explained that this year three fundamental policies associated with MINAL have been proposed: the fishing program -which law has been approved and is in the process of implementation-, industrial food production -policy that is in the process of approval-, and work on the importation of industrialized food.

Although the program is a long-term one, a group of investments and actions have already been developed, in accordance with the financial availability of the country, which has recently been very threatened by the intensification of the economic, commercial and financial blockade by the US administration against Cuba.

This has allowed creativity to develop and food to be obtained through what used to be considered a by-product, and now it is treated with raw materials such as milk serum to make Miragur – a mixture similar to natural yogurt – and ice cream, or blood to obtain sausages.

Three thousand establishments are involved in the process and a production of 2.5 million tons of food, while 500 million dollars in imports are executed, he explained.

In the long run, it is expected to replace imports, increase exports, while achieving an improvement in industrial facilities, and achieve better quality and greater quantity and variety of products needed by the people for consumption.

The Ministry of the Food Industry’s Development 2030 Program involves 24 different activities, and groups such as CubaRon, Coralsa, the Food Industry Business Group (GEIA) and several local and national entities.

(Taken from ACN)

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