Becoming aware of the threat of Covid-19 is vital

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In Cuba, the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 has increasingly risen to 48, while 168 countries now have confirmed cases of the new coronavirus. The threat of spread is evident, hence the need to be aware of the danger we face, said Public Health Minister José Ángel Portal.

Speaking at the Round Table, the Minister of Health said that 1,229 people are still being admitted to Cuba under surveillance and that the system of work linked to the main actions of the Plan for the Confrontation and Control of the Disease is being maintained.

Surveillance is being reinforced in all senses, emphasized Jose Angel Portal at the Round Table, which reported more health actions before the Covid-19 in the country.

He insisted on the responsibility of the family to protect themselves and NOT to get infected, and stressed the need to stay at home.
Protection of vulnerable groups

Speaking at the Round Table, the Head of Public Health, José Ángel Portal, insisted on working with vulnerable groups, especially the elderly, although the entire population is at risk of contracting Covid-19.

He assured that people who are arriving in the country are transferred to isolation and surveillance centers, adequate facilities by the agencies to guarantee the conditions, food, as well as the preparation and stability of the personnel who will work providing care to the travelers.

Portal explained that there are working groups led by the government in the territories, responsible for creating mechanisms for the transfer and security of luggage.

If we all do the work from the border, we can prevent the spread of the disease in the country, said the Minister of Public Health at the Round Table.

Vital and emergency services insured

Hospitals continue to release patients without danger to life, and emergency surgery, transplants and oncology are maintained in order to minimize the concentration of people in these centers, said José Ángel Portal.

The Public Health Minister added that the same is true for risk services such as stomatology, with the exception of the emergency room, where the population can go if they need to.

He stressed that the Mother and Child Care Program is continued because pregnant women are one of the groups vulnerable to Covid-19, and reiterated that the children’s circles remain open, with flexible hours and voluntary assistance.

She urged that the information be followed through official sites, and that measures such as social distancing be complied with, because no one can substitute for what corresponds to each person’s protection.

(With information from Radio Reloj)

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