Australian Emma Pask visits Cuba for Plaza Jazz festival

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Australian singer Emma Pask will perform here today as part of the 2019 International Festival Jazz Plaza, an event that brought her to Cuban land for the first time.

Its debut in this capital city is scheduled for 21:00 hours at the Teatro Mella, where double bassist Felipe Cabrera and Night Poems will arrive, in addition to the traditional music group Emilio Morales and Nuevos Amigos.

In a press conference, Pask expressed her gratitude for being in Cuba and her expectations for the concert, which she hopes will be an unforgettable moment and that the audience will welcome her with open arms.

The jazz vocalist also commented on the musical education in her native country, the cultural diversity and the strong jazz movement that unleashes passion even in the youngest.

Emma began music at age 16 and achieved international recognition through her work with Australian multi-instrumentalist James Morrison, with whom she worked for over twenty years.

From that collaboration several of his albums came, including Live at the Sydney Opera House with James Morrison and his Big Band (1996), Quartet (1998) and Three Minds (1998).

Later, as a soloist, she would record Emma (1999), This Madness Called Love (2002), Accentuate the Positive with Mark Rivett (2003) and Season of My Heart (2013; Christmas album, Universal Music).

(Taken from PL in Spanish)

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