As he loses count of his dead, Pompeo calls for accountability on Cuba

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As someone who enjoys some immunity from ridicule, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attacked the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) for its role in facilitating Cuba’s medical cooperation with Brazil through the well-known More Doctors program.

Taken by the typical arrogance of the leadership he represents, he considers it his right to go around asking for an account from anyone who does not align himself with his interests and, consequently, Prensa Latina reports that the official demanded that the organization explain the role it played in sending Cuban doctors to Brazilian lands, whom he calls “slave labor”.

He is so convinced of his “faculties” to prosecute and sanction at will, that it is very likely that he believes that no one notices the desperate purposes underlying the obsessive fabrication of lies that both he and his fellow President are launching: they have an urgent need to find the scapegoats that will distract the attention of a world that is observing, at the same time, the abysmal management of the pandemic and the colossal anti-racist protests that broke out in their own streets.

Before, Trump had rehearsed a similar matrix of discredit towards the WHO, using absurd criticisms of its relationship with China; a dramatic line that now Pompeo repeats in the jurisdiction of the PA, making use of the “always useful” prosecution of Cuba.

Although what the Major of the Antilles has done lately, in terms of solidarity, is enough to convince a good part of the world of the real aims of its medical collaboration; in the case of Brazil there are some little numbers that would help unmask Pompeo’s ridiculous cynicism: the Cuban presence in Más Médicos, which began in August 2013 through the ops, brought nearly 20,000 professionals to Brazil who, in five years, attended more than 113 million patients in some 3,600 municipalities, until Trump’s acolyte, Jair Bolsonaro, created the conditions to close the cooperation.

There are other globally known numbers: 2,500 health professionals incorporated in 26 nations to help against covid-19, in addition to the 28,000 who were already in 59 countries; in Cuba, 80% of the patients in critical and serious condition are saved, the same proportion as in the world, however, dies; on the island, 84 died, while only in Miami Dade 784, not to mention a United States that carries on its shoulders the shocking figure of 112,000 corpses.

Medical slaves? Go, Don Pompeo, and find out in Peru, Italy or Andorra, under which whips the Cubans worked there, and then compare how your friends in Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil have done without them. Go and ask yourself what humanity you exude in your words, like those you said when you were remembering the most beneficial and giving stage of your life: “I was the director of the company. We lied, cheated and stole”.

(Taken from Granma)

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