La Radio Cubana corporation, signal of victory

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La Radio Cubana Corporation (Cuban Radio) will be the best example of the determination and dedication of the Cuban people to the main tasks of the nation, in the midst of the difficult circumstances in which they live, a great pandemic and the U.S. blockade of the island that is holding back all efforts for progress.

At the Cuban Radio and Television Information Roundtable last Thursday, June 25, the main directors of the Cuban audiovisual media explained what the groups of cadres, technicians, specialists, artists, journalists and support personnel have had to do from their positions to sustain the people’s signal of victory on the air.

The explanations at the Round Table were not only limited to showing the road travelled from mid-March to date to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic, but also to illustrate the continuity of the work on Cuban radio and television, especially during the summer months in Cuba.

Onelio Castillo Corderí, General Director of Cuban Radio, said that despite the special conditions of isolation that have been oriented, Cuban Radio will accompany its people in conducting participation programs mainly for children and adults.

Broadcasts will be made from recreational centers, workplaces and Cuban communities, and the 98th anniversary of radio in Cuba will be celebrated.

In the programming schedules of Cuban radio, continuity will be given to the forms and contents that have accompanied the country’s efforts to wipe out the pandemic that is currently ravaging the planet, placing the cultural function within the thematic axes, without giving up programs dramatized through premiere plays.

Castillo Corderí confirmed that the Cuban people will be strengthened in each of the radio programs, the use of the people’s participation in the realization of the programs and the incorporation of psychologists and epidemiologists in well-defined programs will be maintained, in order to respond to the requests of the public.

As has been the case in times of contingency, Cuban Radio will provide space for the appearances of the authorities of the Party*, the Government and the Defense Councils in each territory, in order to render accounts to the people for their work, guidance and information.

Live programming, so appreciated by the public in the surveys carried out, will be maintained, and the spaces and sections dedicated to information on the results of the control bodies in the battle against crime and illegalities will be kept.

The State’s willingness, expressed through the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT), to guarantee broadcasting times in all radio enclaves and station chains nationwide, in order to follow up on the health measures taken, is maintained.

“The audiences have made the radio they have desired,” argued Castillo Corderí, to illustrate that the radio events of participation together with the territorial and municipal communities have brought about contents and ways of doing things that have never before emerged with so much power.

The main axes of the radio programming from now on, will be sustained from the information, the orientation, the culture and the entertainment, the participation of the population in the spaces that it is decided, the defense of the cubania and the identity, the rescue of dramatized, the enhancement of the history, the rescue of the sonorous patrimony, the maintenance of the sports programming and the use of the humor.

Cuban Radio will celebrate its 98th anniversary next August 22nd, under the slogan “Cuban Radio, a sign of victory”.


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