Craft made in Contramaestre against the pandemic

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In these times of pandemic, where being at home is protecting life, the brothers Mercedes and Enrique Bello Rodriguez, consecrated craftsmen from Contramaestre, with a long record of awards and acknowledgments, nationally and internationally, do not stop their creative process.

These weaving artists, now in a different way, take advantage of time and what they saw as useless before, today they make the most of it.

Victoria Rodríguez Águila, the Bello brothers’ mother, is 90 years old and she still brings ideas and creativity to the project. Always active and caring with those who come to her house, she surprises them by showing her work, because in addition to supporting the domestic work, she continues to do what she loves.

Members of the Cuban Association of Artistic Craftsmen (ACAA) for more than 20 years and creators of the family project Bello Arte y Cubanía, Enriquito and Mercy, combine in their creations several techniques such as crochet and fiber weaving.

In their artistic work, this duo of artisans also includes inking, decorations and textile work, always with details typical of Cuban culture, highlighting the values that characterize our identity.

Far from feeling overwhelmed by staying at home, Enriquito and Mercy work and innovate tirelessly, proving that art is an effective ally in overcoming the lethargy of a pandemic.


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