Casa de las Americas’ president names the entity after F. Retamar

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Havana, Jun 9 (Prensa Latina) Casa de las Americas’ president Abel Prieto named, on Tuesday, the respectable institution after the Cuban poet and essayist Roberto Fernandez Retamar.

Paying tribute to the National Literature Prize on his 90 birth anniversary, Prieto spoke the opening words with the Cuban writer Laidi Fernandez de Juan, Fernandez Retamar’s eldest daughter, and the Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso.

The commemorative event adds to the multiple tributes that, in a virtual way, commemorate the legacy of the founder of the magazine of the House and Union, whose essayistic work deserved numerous recognitions in Cuba and Latin America.

Founded in 1959, the cultural entity was supported by Fernandez Retamar, who responded to the principles of the Cuban Revolution and consolidated the cultural ties between Cuba and the intelligentsia of the rest of the continent.

(Taken from PL)

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